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1. Pan Fried Tandoori Chicken 
2. Chappal Kebabs (Lamb Kebabs) 
3. Tandoori Chicken Drumsticks 
4. Fish Pakoras 
5. Chick Pea Chaat 
6. Aloo Tikkah (Spicy Potato Cakes) 
7. Samosas In Spring Roll Pastry 
8. Cumin Roast Potatoes 
9. Aloo Gobi (Cauliflower & Potatoes) 
10. Anday Aloo (Chilli Eggs & Potato ) 
11. (Aloo, Mattar) Potato & Pea Curry 
12. Chick Pea Masala 
13. Okra & Potatoes (Pindi) 
14. Mixed Pepper Masala 
15. Spinach And Potatoes (Saag Aloo) 
16. Tarka Daal 
17. Mixed Vegetable Curry 
18. Chicken Masala 
19. Chicken Curry With Fenugreek 
20. Chicken Jalfrezi With Spring Onion 
21. Chicken With Spinach 
22. Chicken Masala With Cauliflower And Potatoes 
23. Lamb Bhuna 
24. Lamb Masala With Potatoes 
25. Lamb With Spinach 
26. Mutton With Yellow Lentils 
27. Lamb With Okra 
28. Keema, Aloo Mattar 
29. Aloo Paratha 
30. Buttered Cumin Rice 
31. Pilau Rice with Pea & Potato 
32. Chicken Pilau Rice 
33. Kheer (Rice Pudding) special order 

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